Pump & Systems Consulting Engineer Pump Booster Station Expert Fire Pump Commissioning Pumping System Analysis & Troubeshooting Supervision for Installation, Commissioning & Repair
Pump & Systems Consulting Engineer    Pump Booster Station Expert     Fire Pump Commissioning Pumping System Analysis & Troubeshooting     Supervision for Installation, Commissioning & Repair        


A system analysis requires an on site visit to evaluate the current operational status of the existing pumping system, including a review of the following items:

  • original design specifications & performance/operating parameters
  • past history of known system deficiencies
  • maintenance history


Most important is ensuring a complete understanding and agreement of the client’s desired future goals and expectations for a replacement/rerated/upgraded system.


The following performance parameters will be measured:

  • pump suction and discharge pressures
  • downstream of any throttling or control valves, if installed
  • actual flow measured, utilizing a clamp on, ultrasonic flow meter
  • motor amps
  • RPM for variable speed applications
  • data logging both flow & amps over a given time period for varying flow applications


Verifying the actual flows, pressures and amp draw on an existing system is the only way to confirm pump performance, system requirements and energy costs over an operational time period and/or to select the best upgrade/replacement options for the future.


End Product

The gathered data will be analyzed and presented in a detailed report with the following information:

  • purpose or end goal for project/study
  • summary of system description
  • summary of existing range of performance parameters (flow, pressures, amps)
  • existing pump/system curve with min/max, normal operating values
  • recommended new pump/system curve with min/max, normal operating values
  • economic analysis comparing existing system  to recommended upgrade/ replacement option(s), including estimated installed cost and operating costs