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Most electrical utilities are required by the local (State) regulatory authority to provide generous rebates to their client base to encourage energy reducing alternatives by upgrading, rerating or replacing their existing systems, with a more efficient design.  This may include a correctly sized pump with a lower motor HP rating.  Additional rebates are provided if the motor meets the required efficiency rating, and labeled as a “Premium Efficiency” (PE) design. A variable frequency drive (VFD) will add even more to this rebate.  


Rebates may be provided to partially cover the cost for a study to determine if savings will result with a more efficient upgrade or replacement system and additional funds to offset the implementation of the recommended energy saving option.  It is best to contact your electrical provider for more details



PTS has experience working with Xcel Energy, which is the electrical provider for the Minneapolis/St Paul metro and surrounding area.  They will provide a rebate up to 75% of the cost to provide an energy saving study.  The rebate % is based on a combination of reduced KWs, KWHs and/or the use of PE motors and VFD drives.


PTS can quickly determine if your system is a good candidate for a subsidized energy study after a brief review of operating parameters of your system.  Contact PTS to set up a no charge, no obligation appointment, to review your existing system.  If suitable, PTS will work with Xcel Energy to fill out the required application form to approve the study and confirm the expected rebate amount.


The study is very detailed and requires a complete technical review of the existing system and the proposed upgrade with expected energy savings and estimated implementation costs.  Allow approximately one month to complete the study.



If it is decided to implement the recommended upgrade, for an additional fee, PTS will assist in completing Xcel’s required “Pre-Implementation Form, with worksheet to confirm the amount of the rebate.  The rebate can be up to 60% of the total installed cost, depending on the amount of energy savings and the cost recover period.    Additional workscope by PTS may include preparing technical bid purchasing specifications, recommend and contact qualified suppliers, review proposals, oversee installing contractors and be present during initial commissioning of the new system.


Note, that in certain situations, it may be more advantageous to forego the more detailed energy study and include a lower cost “engineering fee” as part of the total implementation cost of the project.  Contact PTS for guidance to consider this approach.


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