Pump & Systems Consulting Engineer Pump Booster Station Expert Fire Pump Commissioning Pumping System Analysis & Troubeshooting Supervision for Installation, Commissioning & Repair
Pump & Systems Consulting Engineer    Pump Booster Station Expert     Fire Pump Commissioning Pumping System Analysis & Troubeshooting     Supervision for Installation, Commissioning & Repair        

Fire Pumps

PTS is authorized to commission new fire pump systems for several fire pump and controller manufacturers, either directly from the manufacturer or through their local sales representatives in Minnesota and the surrounding States.  PTS provides an on site inspection of the installed equipment and supervises the acceptance flow test by the installing contractor.  An Acceptance Test Report is provided to the owner, installing contractor, local fire approval authority and the pump manufacturer, as required.    


PTS is also experienced in troubleshooting and evaluating pumps that no longer are meeting their required performance and providing recommendations to correct any deficiencies found.


PTS will also provide on site pump inspection and repair supervision, such as impeller inspection, replacing bearings, packing, etc.