Pump & Systems Consulting Engineer Pump Booster Station Expert Fire Pump Commissioning Pumping System Analysis & Troubeshooting Supervision for Installation, Commissioning & Repair
Pump & Systems Consulting Engineer    Pump Booster Station Expert     Fire Pump Commissioning Pumping System Analysis & Troubeshooting     Supervision for Installation, Commissioning & Repair        

 Overview   -   Services Provided   -  Qualifications and Experience 

Who We Are

Pump Tech Solutions was founded in 2000 and is located in Lakeville, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis/St Paul.  PTS is a limited liability company that only provides high quality engineering advice and recommendations for most all pumping applications used in fluid handling systems.


PTS is completely independent from all manufacturers, suppliers and contractors, other than possibly having a past working relationship with their products or services, which may have been utilized on a specific project.  This independence allows for 100% unbiased, solid technical information that is only in the best interest of the client and is based on a formal engineering degree and many years of personal “hands on” experience.


What We Do

Determine the best solution(s) for a specific pumping application, including new systems, upgrading or re-rating existing pumps/systems and/or troubleshooting any performance (loss of flow/pressure) or reliability issues (mechanical seal, bearing failures, corrosion, etc).  Emphasis is focused on obtaining high operating efficiency and reliability, resulting in low life cycle costs with excellent ROI.


This is accomplished with an on site evaluation of the system, review of the operating history and any open issues and measuring all performance data points (data logging over time, if necessary).  After all requirements are identified, the optimal equipment can now be selected (correctly sized/designed pump(s), VFD vs PRV/PCV, etc).  If desired, an economic analysis can also be provided basis estimated installed costs and electrical usage costs.  Assistance can also be provided for possible energy rebates from your local utility, which may also cover the partial cost of the study, as well as part of the installed cost, if it is decided to impliment the recommendations..  Refer to “System Analysis” and “Case Studies” and "Rebates" for more details and examples of past projects.


Pump operator and maintenance training and pump repair/commissioning supervision can also be provided. 


Background Information:  Fred G. Drexler - Founder and President of Pump Tech Solutions

  • BS Degree: Aircraft Systems Engineering, Northrop University, Inglewood, CA
  • Sales Engineer: Ingersoll Rand/Ingersoll Dresser Pumps selling process pumps, parts & repairs to power (nuclear & coal fired), oil refining and heavy industry (mining, manufacturing, etc) - 24 yrs
  • Pump Consulting Engineer and Commissioning New Fire pumps (Central Upper Midwest and limited International) - 16 yrs
  • Technical Editor: Pump and Process Trade Magazine - Review and write several articles for publication - 2 yrs
  • Contract Pump Engineer: Rewrite and standardize repair manuals for key rotating equipment (pumps, steam turbines, fin fans) & develop process pump min/max flow ranges based on flow, vibration & repair history for improved reliability for major refinery - PT, 5 yrs

​          Miscellaneous Experience/Qualifications

  • FAA Certified Aircraft Airframes and Engine Mechanic: A&P Licensed Mechanic w/experience on Boeing 707s and several GA aircraft
  • US Navy Naval Aviator, Active Duty: Pilot, jet, carrier qualified.  Ground School Instructor (class room instruction & developed basic aerodynamics course material for all jet student Naval Aviators) - 3 yrs.  Naval Reserves: Transport Pilot and Logistic Officer - 22 yrs. Retired with rank of Captain/O-6
  • Bellanca Aircraft:  Aircraft Project Engineer, Engineering Test Pilot and Technical Writer for all flight (including Champion Line of Aircraft) and maintenance manuals - 3 yrs