Pump & Systems Consulting Engineer Pump Booster Station Expert Fire Pump Commissioning Pumping System Analysis & Troubeshooting Supervision for Installation, Commissioning & Repair
Pump & Systems Consulting Engineer    Pump Booster Station Expert     Fire Pump Commissioning Pumping System Analysis & Troubeshooting     Supervision for Installation, Commissioning & Repair        

Booster Stations


Reduce your electrical costs +75% by replacing/adding one pump or the complete pumping station.

Fire Pumps



Commission new systems and troubleshoot loss of performance and/or supervise repair of existing systems.

System Analysis


Evaluate existing pumping systems by measuring pressure, flow & amps for max energy reductions.




Apply for generous rebates to offset cost of energy study and/or implementation for energy improvements.

                             Welcome to Pump Tech Solutions

We are a totally independent company that only provides professional engineering advice and recommendations for all of your pumping systems and major components, including pumps, mechanical seals, bladder tanks, control valves, control logic and VFD applications and operation.  This includes design specifications and commissioning for new systems, or upgrading, troubleshooting and/or supervising the repair of existing systems    


Our goal is to provide the client with all required information that will result in a most reliable and energy efficient pumping system that can be procured through competitive bidding from proven quality suppliers.  


Please review our web site for more detailed information about our services and the many linked sites that provide related equipment and tools available to better serve all of your pumping requirements.  We look forward to working with you.